Landscape Maintenance

Keeping your property looking neat and tidy so that it remains stress-free for you involves ongoing landscape maintenance at your Northwest Pittsburgh and surrounding area home . After all, it doesn’t take long for weeds to creep into plant beds or un-mowed grass to begin looking unkempt.

Some of the most important landscape maintenance services you should consider include the following.

Weekly Mowing Plan

Our weekly mowing plan includes line trimming, edging, and blowing of hard surfaces. 

Bi-weekly Mowing is also an option.

Pruning and Flower Bed Weeding

Pruning can help your flowers and shrubs to perform their best but it’s important that it’s performed at the proper time. Pruning at the wrong time can stifle growth. Keeping weeds out of your flower beds will also help them to look their best.

Mulching and Edging

A nice, clean edge keeps your plant beds looking crisp, while a fresh layer of premium hardwood mulch helps to protect your plants by helping the soil to retain moisture and acting as a barrier between the soil and the sun. Mulch also helps suppress weed growth by limiting their access to sunlight. 

Seasonal Flower Installation

With a seasonal flower installation in the spring and another in the fall, you can have year-round color in your landscape that will add major appeal.

Leaf Removal

Fallen leaves are not only ugly, they can be destructive to your lawn. By restricting sunlight, nutrients, and water from reaching your lawn, it can suffer from disease, insects, and stress. With a convenient leaf removal plan we will take good care of your property all through the Fall.

Gutter Cleaning

Leaf debris regularly causes gutters to get clogged and overflowing instead of functioning as intended. This also becomes a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Your maintenance plan can also include periodic gutter cleaning to make sure this doesn’t become an issue.

Power Washing

Walkways, patios, sides of homes, and other structures often become dirty or dull due to environmental stresses. 

Power washing can help to rejuvenate many of these surfaces to give them a fresh, clean look.

Commercial Snow Removal & Ice Control*

Our snow removal services for commercial properties including plowing, salt and ice melt application, sidewalk snow and ice control, and snow relocation. (*Please note that we do not offer snow removal for residential properties.)

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